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07/29/12 10:44 PM #5    

Dave Willenborg


07/31/12 08:30 PM #6    

Ken Spencer

Before finding athletic fame at RHS, Dave Willenborg lit up the basketball courts in city-wide leagues leading the Saint Anthony teams to fame and glory, Well maybe not fame or glory, but more wins than losses.  Long time no see Dave - Ken

08/01/12 06:23 AM #7    

Linda Madeo (Gill)

Hello Ken Spencer and Dave Willenberg. I ( Linda Madeo ) also graduated from Saint Anthony's catholic grade school. Are there any more of us out there?

08/02/12 07:31 PM #8    

Dave Willenborg

hey were a saint anthony girl...loved those looking foward to seeing you at the reunion..amen

08/26/12 08:05 AM #9    

Dave Willenborg

hey class of 67 had a great was so good seeing everyone...good food, good catchng up and saw some pretty good moves on the dance floor....and finally the ladies in are class look pretty darn good .. amen

08/26/12 11:57 AM #10    

Judy Davis (Whipple)

Thanks to the organizers!  It was a great  party and so nice catching up with people!

08/27/12 08:08 AM #11    


Kathy Staudt (Willmon)

Hey there,

As always, the reunion was a great time.  I love the golf event.... a way to connect on such a common level! (no basketball stars, cheerleaders, or nerdies here)

 Thanks to all the organizers and Kris for this great website.  Ricky did a great job on the first few reunions, but I'm sure he now appreciates all the help.  this is NOT an easy task.  Love ya, Ricky.

We are an AWESOME bunch....truly.  Hope every one of you has a great five years until the next gettogether...or one year until the next golf event.   See ya then.

Kathy Staudt (Kas Willmon)

08/28/12 09:50 PM #12    

John Watson

Was that "our"  (RHS's)  Jack Ernst who's son- in- law was up and killed in the rock climbing death on tonight's news ?


Sure hope not.


John Watson

08/29/12 08:40 AM #13    

Claudia Buck (Carlson)

I had a great time too. I tried to post the pictures I took of the reunion and they ended up under my name instead of the photo gallery. So, if anyone wants to see them until I figure it out you'll know where to look. You are correct, I am not a computer expert. Love to all of you, what a great class we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Claudia

08/30/12 10:46 PM #14    

Patty Morris (Conkle)

Well, Claudia, you are right.  I couldn't find any other way to post my photos other than on my profile.  So, if anyone wants to see my 19 photos of the reunion, just go to my profile.  As usual, I had a wonderful time.  Many thanks to our classmates who worked so hard to put this on for us.  Thanks for keeping us dancing!  The class of '66 gave up dancing at their reunions ten years ago. :) See you in FIVE!!!!!

10/03/12 05:04 PM #15    

Suzy Chissus (Lissman)

Hi fellow RHS alum. I just received the sad news (via Darryl Nordyke ) that Ricky Carrigan passed away recently. His funeral will be held on October 19th ~ does anyone have any more information regarding this ? Thanks, Suzy

03/02/16 05:16 PM #16    


Jeanne Smith (Murphy)

No messages since October's March 2016!!  Where is everybody?  50th Reunion creeping up on us next year...Where are our classmates messages on here?  Kris/Mike...thank you so much for inviting us all to join you in this great hang out, now we have to get our classmates together for some fun chats on here.  We all, I am sure, have some great news to share with everyone.  I am currently thinking about moving back to the neighborhood where I grew up in Renton.  Does anyone live close by Historic Renton Hill?    




03/03/16 11:34 AM #17    

Paul Anderson

Jeanne, just wondering if you remember a Kelly Smith ... she's not listed, so I'd have to assume that her family moved out of the Renton area, but she was still around back in '65, so on the off chance, I thought I'd ask?



03/03/16 03:37 PM #18    


Jeanne Smith (Murphy)


Robin...I do remember Kelly Smith.  She was class of 66.  I have not seen her since she was a junior at RHS, so maybe the family did move.  I am helping Linda Douglas Wheat try to locate some people who graduated in 1966, for their reunion in August.  They have quite a few who have not been located, so I will see if Kelly is one of them.   (Or if they have found her, and I will let you know).   Jeanne




03/04/16 09:07 AM #19    

Paul Anderson

Thank you ... I much appreciate your help.

Stay well,


04/11/16 02:27 PM #20    

Dave Willenborg

where is the wall of honor cermony for tim 

04/12/16 09:55 AM #21    

Paul Anderson

Jeanne, just wondering if you've since found out anything about Kelly Smith ... appreciate your efforts, thank you.

04/12/16 10:44 AM #22    


Jeanne Smith (Murphy)

Robin,    Have not located Kelly yet, but I am waiting for a list of people who attended the Class of 1966, 25 year reunion.  I am still assisting Linda Wheat in locating some of their class members, so hopefully we will locate her.                                                                                                                                                            

5/3/16...   Robin...we still have not located Kelly.




04/13/16 10:30 AM #23    

Paul Anderson

sounds sort of fun ... trying to locate the lost.  Thank you ... much ... for keepimg in touch.

04/13/16 07:42 PM #24    

Alice Montgomery (Robb)

I'm just surprised at how many people have unknown whereabouts. If you try Googling, though, maybe you can find more. I forget who told me about him, but John Swartzwelder has a page on Wikipedia, and it turns out he's been a successful comedy writer for a long time. Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons, for example. He writes books these days and self-publishes them through his "Kennydale Books." Check it out, there's a picture of his family's old house at the bottom of the page. I remember the house, as I grew up in Kennydale too. The Wiki article says he's "somewhat reclusive." I haven't seen him since high school days. Just FYI.

Alice Montgomery Robb


04/14/16 07:31 AM #25    

Kris Lund (Whiteaker)

Keep in mind that we are expecting our school mates to go to this website and register. We have address information on some of them but not email information - which is required to set them up.

If you know someone on the list of 'missing' - please remind them to register. We want everyone in the class to join so they can get the up-to-date information  on the reunions and other events.  Thanks, Kris

04/14/16 08:40 AM #26    


Carol Gower (Halverson)

Alice, John has been at a couple of our reunions. I've followed his career on the internet, also. What a character!! We got a picture of all the Kennydale kids at one. It was fun.

04/15/16 08:21 AM #27    

Ken Clark

Fun fact - at one time John's Wikipedia article stated:

John Swartzwelder is pseudonym used by writers of the animated television series The Simpsons. Other writers of the show have created a "John Swartzwelder" character, a long-haired, potbellied chap with a moustache, which has been seen in a few episodes of the show.

You can see that on the talk page of the article along with a discussion of whether he was a real person or not.

06/09/16 04:45 PM #28    


Jeanne Smith (Murphy)

With the 50 year reunion looming ahead, this is a MUST read  :-)                   



06/13/16 10:17 AM #29    

Richard Clayton

Love all the chatter above about John, I watched John, Ken Grant and a few other old and I mean old Kennydale Elementary guys play baseball well sort-of. Never being the athlete I watched as usual.

I've missed more reunions than I've attended, but I am looking forward to No. 50 - if you all need a little help ith the plans - hit me up. But, please know that I'm still a workin' stiff and don't have tons of time...still wouldn't mind helping if I can.

Also, I know how to reach Arlene Hales (Clayton) hmmm, yes there was a connection.



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