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Hi Everyone

Yes, that’s right.  It has been 10 months since our reunion.  Yikes!  Must be time for a post-reunion reunion?  Actually, there has been a group that has already kept the feeling alive by attending the RHS Homecoming Football Game and many of the same group went to a RHS basketball home game not to mention several attempts at meeting for happy hours locally.  Are you ready for another?

On Thursday, June 21st at 10:00 AM Al Dieckman and I will gather with many of you we hope to have a warmup to our annual golf outing in August.  Actually, this will be the June warmup to the July warmup to the August 16th event.  Confused? Don’t be.  Just remember to put the 21st of June date in to your calendar.  Golfers need to confirm with me and non-golfers please join us on the patio afterwards.



Thursday, June 21st

10:00 AM

Reunion Golf at Maplewood

Need to confirm with me or Al before the 12th.  Maplewood will release the tee times after this date. 


Come and join us for a post-Reunion reunion with a June warmup to the August golfing get together!

Mike Willis

Al Dieckman

























What a great 50th reunion!!!
Thanks to Claudia,Gaye,Kris, Michelle and Marilea....the core organizing team...a job well done!!! and thanks to many more "helpers" that worked on the set up and tear down. Kay Carlson Pillo


Hi and a million thanks,
The best reunion ever--except for the major Charley horse I got in the middle of the night. I think the dancing part I did Ok but it was that damn conga line that got me. The whole night was great and the picnic was wonderful. It was the most fun I've had in ten years. I'll be there (I hope) for the 60th even if I'm in a walker.
See ya next time and again thanks for all the hard work. Carole Bogh Scott =================================================


For making this the best reunion ever.  As we were working through the planning of the 50-year reunion – we wondered if we were over-planning.  You know a party just isn’t a party if no one shows up.  We should have known that with our class of 1967, the response would be overwhelming with almost 300 classmates in attendance.  We had a few glitches but you all seemed to take it in stride. Thanks to all of you who attended and helped to make this such a wonderful event.  It was such a joy to see all of you.

AND a very special thank you to the following folks who donated time, materials and money and were critical to making this event what it was.

Al Dieckman and Mike Willis – for organizing and managing the Golf Event, dinner and get together on Friday.  Still not sure who won, but a fun event to kick off the weekend festivities.  This is an annual event, so check the website for the next one.

Lynn Peterson Crandall, Odin Rondestvedt, Dale Rhotehamel, Sue Risedorf – for being the Meet and Greet for the event.  Your organization and smiles were a great way to start. 

Kay Carlson Pillo – for doing a spectacular job with the flowers and donating her time.  The arrangements were beautiful and they really brighten up the tables.

Steve Evans – for once again being our perfect MC and dancing partner extraordinaire (with several partners at one time – so talented).

Scott McClellan – for making sure we had a playlist from our youth and finding us a talented, fun DJ in addition to being our ‘financial manager’.   He was instrumental in us being able to put on a truly memorable event.

Nikka and Kyle Dieckman – for managing the Photo Booth and all the photography.  This was such a fun thing – hope you all had a chance to participate.  We will be posting the pictures on the website soon.

Jim Peterson – for assisting in so many ways from conducting the memorial for our deceased classmates to cooking burgers at the picnic, in addition to whatever Marilea need additional help with!

John Holms – for putting together the memorial sideshow.

Melody Peterson Robinson – for designing and painting all the signage.

Christopher Carlson – for tirelessly scanning all the classmate and yearbook photos for the displays. 

Paula Blanchette and Melanie Byrne Kennedy – for putting on a great picnic Sunday that included a fun quiz about our high school years.  They ordered perfect weather and fun was had by all.  It was a nice way to end a great weekend.

Classmates that donated extra money to the event – we know who you are and can’t tell you how much we appreciate it.  This was an expensive event and every dollar was used.  We do have very generous classmates.

Reunion Committee husbands – it is hard to say how much your support meant over the months of planning and execution.    

It was the pleasure of the Reunion Committee to plan this reunion for the BEST CLASS ever – Renton High School 1967.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact one of your reunion committee members

Michelle Cooper Dieckman 425-226-8065, Gaye Faull McClellan 206-270-8777, Claudia Buck Carlson 206-498-3646, Kris Lund Whiteaker  925-876-8175, Marilea Peterson